Morning Show Boot Camp

Backstage at Boot Camp: Ricki Sanchez

THE MOUTH, MARCH 4TH 2022 –– In our latest edition of ‘Backstage At ‘Boot Camp where we spotlight on radio’s next generation of stars, say hello to Ricki Sanchez, cast-member of iHeart’s “Woody & Jim Show” on WRVW/107.5 The 7River/Nashville. Ricki got her start in radio as an intern for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Z100 (WHTZ) in 2014 after applying for an internship. She tells Jockline, “I knew I liked the idea of working in media, but I wasn’t sure radio was the route I wanted to go. Sure enough… I fell in love. That’s where I had my first experience live on air. I walked out of that studio on cloud 9. I was on top of the world (or at least “the top of the Empire State Building”).

Ricki added, “It’s also where I heard an artist listen to their song on the radio for the first time ever. I remember thinking to myself, “I want to make people that happy… everyone. From listeners to artists.”

“I worked a bunch of random jobs after that, says Ricki. “I had a job at a radio prep service, I worked as tech support for the iHeartRadio App, and I was a waitress. Eventually I got tired of not being on air.

In October of 2016, I started the “20-Somethings Doing Nothing” podcast to get myself out there and work on my skills. It became part of Elvis Duran’s podcast network on November 15, 2017. It helped me finally get my shot on air. I just had to wait until 2019. That’s when I got a co-host job on the syndicated Zach Sang Show in Los Angeles. I moved out there and started in July of 2019 until July of 2020, when I was let go due to the impact the pandemic. It was back to the East Coast I go, where I had to figure out my next step. After feeling hopeless for months, I found out the Woody & Jim Show on 107.5 The River (WRVW) was looking for a new co-host. In April 2021, I packed up and was on my way to Nashville, Tennessee. I’m coming up on one year here next month!”