Morning Show Boot Camp

Backstage At Boot Camp: Elliot King

THE MOUTH, JUNE 13TH 2022 –– In our latest episode of ‘Backstage At Boot Camp.’ A place like Boot Camp, that puts some of radio’s next generation of stars center stage, we’re casting the spotlight on Eliott King, co-host of the Westwood One syndicated Eliott & Nina Show. King’s radio story began after getting out of the military and heading back to school. “My favorite station at the time was Nashville (102.5 The Party, no longer in existence), says Eliott. They had a contest where you could enter to come on and guest host with the morning show guy, Scotty O. My 5best friend and I signed up and got to go on one morning, and I was instantly love with radio. I got to go on once more with him and decided after that to change my major in school to communications.”

My very first radio job was a call screener at Radio Disney in 2009. I just graduated college and moved to LA in the summer of ’08. I would learn and absorb as much as I could from anyone who would talk to me. I’d come in and shadow other people during their shows and learn everything. Eventually I’d work my way up and got to be a call screener for the night show. Candice was the on air host that just had moved to LA from Dallas and we just clicked. I eventually became her sidekick as an on air producer.

Around 2011 or 2012 I started working part time with Clear Channel before it became iHeartMedia. I was working there and at Radio Disney at the same time for a little bit until I started working solely for iHeartMedia. I started as promotions assistant and street team member. Again learning everything I could I eventually started doing more board op shifts and even contributed to an online sports show for FOX Sports AM 570. It was a great cluster to be in and have so many talented individuals in the building. I definitely learned a lot being surrounded by legendary stations like KIIS 102.7, REAL 92.3 (Formerly HOT 92.3), KOST 103.5 and 104.3 MYFM.

After that I moved to Houston and started working with Yahoo Sports Radio in October 2015. I worked as a part time producer which was a whole different experience working in sports radio. But I love sports so I enjoyed the experience and the people. Then I moved back home to Indianapolis in February 2016 to be a part time On Air Talent for WHHH HOT 96.3. I would continue to go above and beyond and showcase my creativity which I think opened up opportunities to grow. I then added to being a fill in for multiple day parts and doing overnights and also produce for our sister station 106.7 WTLC.

Then in November 2017 I would move down the hallway to WNOW 100.9 and do the night show. A year later our Program Director/Afternoon Drive talent Brandon “Buster” Satterfield would take a job in Tampa and that gave me the chance to step up and do afternoons for about a year and some change.

In 2019 I moved to Philadelphia to take on the role of being Music Director and Night Show Host for the legendary Q102 with iHeartMedia. Another challenging role but another role I learned a lot from and gained a lot of new industry friends in the process. Unfortunately Covid came to be in 2020 and I was let go. Luckily my old station let me come back and do weekends so I could still have a job. Eventually I found my way back to doing afternoons again. Then Jan 1, 2022 I moved to Atlanta to start a brand new adventure being on a syndicated night show with Nina Hajian. It’s been quite the journey but I think this is the best gig I’ve ever had.

Well I started getting on TikTok in more of a research capacity. I wanted to see what was going on and it was also a way to see what music people were liking and a chance to discover new music. But I couldn’t resist taking part of the trends and adding my own creativity. My following keeps growing slowly but surely and have had a couple videos get a lot views. I’m still upset my most viral video was taken down lol.