Morning Show Boot Camp

Morning Show Boot Camp History

Morning Show Boot Camp (RADIO MSBC) was created in 1988 by Don Anthony, a former radio host, research executive and founder of Talentmasters™, radio’s first headhunting firm focused specifically on-air talent. Endeavoring to create radio’s first national event for ‘high profile’ shows, Anthony contracted with one of Atlanta’s top local ad agencies to design an advertising package, logo, etc. Next came choosing a venue befitting top talent. After several were considered, the inaugural event took place at the Double Tree Hotel in Atlanta. In subsequent years, MSBC, in addition to Atlanta, has pitched tent in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, Nashville, Miami and Chicago.

The original concept for Morning Show Boot Camp was to develop an intimate weekend gathering where top morning shows, producers and others could meet, face-to-face, network and brainstorm for the all-important Fall Arbitron book. The first event attracted an estimated crowd of about 135 attendees. Anthony says he lost nearly $20,000 in his first outing, but judging by feedback and the general ‘feel of the room’ he knew the concept would work. Until that point, talent had never had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with neither other shows or top program directors. MSBC not only created that opportunity, but lent to numerous lifelong friendships, job opportunities and, most importantly, the betterment of their shows. In the 30+ years since MSBC’s launch, literally thousands of personalities, both established and new, have frequented the event. Some of whom that have actually attended nearly every event.

In RADIO MSBC’s formative years, the event was promoted primarily by direct-mail and fax. The internet was relatively new and digital marketing was still years away. To bolster the event’s promotion, in 1995, Anthony purchased a small newsletter from the late Kidd Kraddick called The Morning Mouth, which was converted into a monthly magazine. Several years later the publication went digital, rebranded as Jockline and now published via eBlast to thousands daily.

Technology, new platforms and radio’s next generation of talent will lead the way for the coming iterations of RADIO MSBC. Already set for the 2022 agenda will be special workshops with extended focus on Social Media, Video, Branding, Innovation and more. While MSBC’s mantra has always been ‘It’s all about the show’, our coming events will cover the latest ways shows can attract untapped audiences, grow income and sustainability in the media marketplace.