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Your Feedback Has Never Been More Important

AQ5 Is Now Officially Underway!

THE MOUTH, JULY 7TH, 2023 ––  Here’s your chance to once again participate in radio’s only air-talent survey of commercial radio. Jacobs Media’s AQ5 is seeking feedback among on-air personalities, shows, teams, and producers across the U.S.. Plus, this year they’ve added a number of new questions that should provide an even deeper insight into the current mindset of talent and beyond.

Among this year’s hot topics include: Inside AI – How much do you know about it, perceptions vs. reality? Job (in)security – are you feeling it? Do you have a side hustle? And What’s getting better about radio? 

As in past years, the AQ5 findings will kick off Morning Show Boot Camp 35 in Dallas on Thursday morning, August 10 by Jacobs Media President, Fred Jacobs. On-air talent in commercial radio in the U.S. can take the survey by clicking the link below. In addition, those ‘in-between radio jobs are encouraged to take the survey if you were on the air at any point during 2022 or beyond. And please feel free to pass this link along to other air-talent in your cluster or group. The more responses, the better!!

Your information is absolutely CONFIDENTIAL No radio companies are involved with this survey. It is a partnership between Morning Show Boot Camp and Jacobs Media. No IDs are used for tracking purposes. Everyone who takes the survey gets the exact same link so there is no way for any personally identifiable information to be tagged to anyone taking the survey. We don’t share your info with anybody (so taking the survey will not cause SPAM or sales calls).

WE WANT YOUR INPUT! – Plus, we encourage you to forward the survey link to other on-air talent in their buildings, on social or around the country CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE SURVEY. The survey will run through 7/23.